Philippines: the adventures of Emile

We look forward to reading the latest letters from Emile, 20, a Montrealer on his first visit to the Philippines. He has kept us smiling and occasionally in stitches since he left for Manila in early February 2010 and we asked if we could share his letters with you, which he has gladly accepted to do. His "exposure" to the realities of the country and its inhabitants are filled with surprises, discoveries... and plenty of self-discovery, as you will see. They allow us to relive some of our own past experiences as first time visitors to this amazing country, and to renew our ties to its wonderful people. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have. The Centre for Philippine Concerns facilitated Emile's trip to this South East Asian country.

For short excerpts in English of the original letters in French click here

To read the letters in the original French please click here

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