KMU invites you to its 26th International Solidarity Affair

01 February 2010

Dear comrades and friends:

Warmest solidarity greetings from Kilusang Mayo Uno!

We would like to invite you to participate in the 26th KMU International Solidarity Affair (ISA) to be held in Manila, Philippines from 29 April 7 May 2010. The ISA is an annual gathering of workers, trade unions, labor rights advocates, and friends and supporters of the working class in Asia and the Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America.

The theme for this year is Jobs for All, Not Jobs for Profit: The Crisis of Imperialist Globalization and the Continuing War on Terror.

The 26th ISA takes place in an era of continuing struggle for decent wages, jobs, rights and social justice amid the impacts of the global financial and economic crisis on the workers. Governments and capitalists sing in unison that the worst is over and that the global economy is on the way to recovery. Yet, the crisis continues to take its toll on the people and there are no real signs that the situation is going to get better in the next few years.

This time, more than ever, there is a need to discuss imperialist globalization and its destructive effects on labor.

By destruction, we mean the destruction of jobs and labor rights the right to decent wages, the right to assembly, the right to collective bargaining, the right to unionize. Destruction also means the violent attack on workers - the overt and covert intimidation of unionists, organizers and trade union rights defenders, the presence of police and military in our workplaces and communities, and the abduction and killings of trade unionists and workers.

Locally, the 26th ISA also occurs in one of the exciting but dirtiest times in the country - the election season. The national elections takes place on May 10. A Peoples International Observers Mission (PIOM) has been formed to monitor election fraud, help thwart violence and protect the Filipino peoples votes. KMU supports this initiative and we encourage our ISA delegates to also join us in this endeavor.

As the imperialists consolidate their ranks to protect their profits amid the global financial crisis, we the workers must likewise heighten our solidarity and struggle. By leaps and bounds, we must grow in strength and advance our struggle for national liberation, genuine democracy and socialism.

Last year, delegates from 18 countries gathered at the 25th ISA to celebrate 25 years of working class solidarity. Delegates passed a resolution to build a broad anti-imperialist labor solidarity that aims to gather trade unionists, workers and labor advocates in common actions against imperialist crisis, plunder and war. This year, we hope to come up with concrete plans on how to move forward in establishing such solidarity.

Please join us in this important affair. Thank you and we hope to hear a favorable response from you.

Yours in working class unity,

Elmer Labog

Tess Dioquino 
International Department Secretary

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