CONFERENCE – Saturday, March 5 UQAM, Pavillon Hubert-Aquin, room A-2885, 400 Ste Catherine east (corner St-Denis), (métro Berri-UQAM)
Simultaneous Interpretation; childcare available : Voluntary contribution $5 (no one turned away)

International Women's Day Demonstration  - Tuesday, March 8,  Cabot Square (Atwater metro), starts 6:00pm.

The 8th March Committee of Women of Diverse Origins [WDO] celebrates International Women’s Day with the theme “The Slaves of the Slaves Rise Up!” an historic slogan adopted by women struggling for change and equality in different parts of the world at various historic junctures. It is a call from those brave women, oppressed in their own societies, who have been at the heart of their people’s struggles against regimes and tyrants who themselves were servants to imperialist masters.

As feminists, dedicated to a world of equality in all spheres, we oppose capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy in all its manifestations, within the home and outside the home, in political, economic and religious spheres .  The WDO has contributed to a new militancy and awareness in the women’s movement locally, across the country and even beyond. We have much to celebrate following the successful Montreal International Women’s Conference which we hosted in August, 2010  and in the formation at that time of a militant, anti-imperialist, anti-patriarchal and anti-racist International Women’s Alliance.

This year we are inspired by the historic revolts sweeping North Africa and the Middle East where women once again are on the frontlines, the backbone of resistance. After decades, people again around the world are throwing off the shackles of fear and oppression and rising up against authoritarian rulers and oppressive regimes that themselves are controlled by imperialist and neo-liberal powers. Their living situations with rising prices and increasing lack of human dignity have reached boiling point and are spilling over. Political and economic exploitative systems are being revealed in all their starkness.

There will be a conference on Saturday 5th March from 10am till 5pm with speakers from Tunisia, Iran, Haiti and the Philippines and presentations on Québec and Canada – welfare rights, violence against women, indigenous women, cutbacks affecting women and marginalized communities.

There will be discussion, debate and celebration, especially as this is also a year of landmark anniversaries – groups that are part of the 8th March WDO -- PINAY, the Filipino women’s group celebrating 20 years, the South Asian Women’s Community Centre, celebrating 30 years, the Mouvement contre le viol et l’inceste with 35 years and the WDO itself celebrating its first decade.

And on Tuesday 8th March – International Women’s Day demo – Ste-Catherine Street, starting at Cabot Square (Atwater) at 6 pm.

All are invited to both events.  Celebrating strength, advancing struggles!   Info: email:wdofdo@gmail.com

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