Carina Oliveros, one of Morong 43, gives birth to son, sends solidarity message

Judilyn Carina Oliveros, one of the imprisoned health workers in the Philippines known as the Morong 43, gave birth last July 22, 2010, at 12 noon to a baby boy. However, her return to detention remains a great ordeal to the young mother. We received the e-mail below from Tanya Roberts-Davis, who is presently in the Philippines.


From: "Tanya Roberts-Davis"
Date: July 25, 2010 11:51:19 AM EDT
To: "Marco Luciano"

Subject: Free the 43 Solidarity Message

Hi, (you can fwd this onwards, I don't have all the lists on email)

I know this is late to post this message with you all holding an event this afternoon, but I just got back from the hospital meeting with Carina Oliveros (of the 43), who gave birth a few days ago. there are 3-5 high level security guards watching her at all times.

She is strong and determined , but also clearly there is the incredible and horrifying threat she will be back in jail.

In fact, while I was in her hospital room, a guard came rushing in to alert her to her imminent return to prison, and for her to consider who she would give permission to care for her child, as otherwise the boy may be taken by the gov. social services.

We discussed the possibility of her returning to jail with her baby, as this would open up space for the continued advocacy for their freedom on humanitarian grounds, or at least that there be special times and places reserved for her to breastfeed and see her baby.

Through tears and a smile, her message to you:

Thank you for the solidarity, this has kept us strong and reminds us of all our friends around the world who are supporting our demands for freedom.  Now, I have two feelings in my heart: First, I am continuing to be strong and determined -- we will find a way to be free. I was an activist before and will continue to be active as an advocate for community health, and for justice. But I am now facing going back to jail. I want to be with my son, and don't want to be separated. I would just want for us to be together, and be free. We will try to find a way. I appeal to you all to not give up. No Justice, No peace!


I will post pics soon... Please do continue your work-I wonder about the possibility of a protest at the embassy and consulates-intl pressure is needed now. Carina also laughed about her dream that she saw her son with his fist up calling to Free the 43... and we all smiled as he woke up with his little arms in the air...

onwards in sol.


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