Call for People's International Observers Mission for 2010 elections in Philippines

May 15, 2009

Greetings of Peace based on Justice!

A year from now, the Filipino people will once again have the opportunity to choose their public servants on the national and local level. Although their choices are limited to the mostly traditional politicians (“trapo” for short, which literally means rag), they nevertheless would want to express their will through these elections.

As in the past, election fraud and cheating are expected to come from those who are at present in position and possession of political power, namely the administration. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies will stop at nothing in order to ensure victory for their party and candidates.

But at the same time, they would try to project to the international community that the 2010 elections would be clean and credible. Sensitive to the ineternational comments and sentiments, they would want to present an image of fairness in the electoral exercise.

The reports and recommendations of People's IOM 2004 and 2007 must have reached Malacanang Palace, and made them aware that the world is watching. The presence of the international observers could at least lessen the brazenness of the administration's commission of massive fraud and cheating.

In view of this, we invite you to join the People's International Observers Mission 2010 (PIOM 2010). Your presence will be indispensable as far as the Filipino electorate are concerned. They will be more or less assured that their votes will be counted. Or if not, the thwarting of their sovereign will at last be exposed locally and internationally by the Mission. ...

We hope and trust that you will (again, for those who had joined the previous PIOMs) lend your precious time and energy to protecting the Filipino electorate's will as they participate in these crucial national and local elections.

Very truly yours,


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