What a shame: Patching wounds of Edsa

By Ania Aquino
Philippine Daily Inquirer - Commentary

The author is a student taking up communications and law at the University of Western Sydney. She is currently serving an internship at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

PRESIDENT Macapagal-Arroyo did not attend the 23rd Edsa commemoration on Feb. 25. The Vice President arrived, then left after a few minutes. I am a third-generation Australian-raised Filipino. I was there. I stayed.

I was only two months old when the first People Power Revolution broke out. I do not remember Edsa I, but I want to.

And so at the crack of dawn, I was at the foot of the Edsa Shrine, wondering to myself: If democracy was returned to the country here, if this monument of Filipinos with arms raised is so significant, then where is the President and why did my parents still opt to raise me abroad?"

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