Happy 54th Birthday, Luing, from the CAP-CPC

It was in April 2007, just weeks after CAP-CPC members Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy had spent time with her in Iloilo, Philippines, that our friend Ma Luisa Posa Dominado, or Luing, was abducted along with her companion, Nilo Arado. They were on their way back from an election meeting with Bayan Muna when their vehicle was ambushed and the driver, human rights worker Leeboy Garachico, left for dead with bullet in his neck. Malcolm And Marie spent time in Panay this June 2009 with Luing’s daughters, MayWan and Tamara, and her friends and comrades. They interviewed the police and military who have done little to find the abductors, leading us to presume that once again they were involved. There has been no news yet of Luing’s or Nilo’s whereabouts, but we will continue, with her daughters, friends and supporters to keep struggling for their surfacing. Happy 54th birthday, dear Luing.

Surface Luisa Posa Dominado and Nilo Arado NOW!

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