Cordillera Peoples Alliance

Statement of Support from the Cordillera Peoples Alliance
to the Mohawk Nation

April 29, 2008 -- The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) condemns the violence perpetrated by the Ontario Provincial Government and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) against the Mohawk Nation in Tyendinaga at the Deseronto Boundary Road. The Mohawk Nation was opposing the encroachment of the Nibourgh Developments in their territory. Nibourgh is a private real estate developer in Canada. It carried out its project without the free, prior informed consent, and worse, the knowledge of the Mohawk Nation. The project would forcibly evict the Mohawks from their own territory.

In the course of the said peaceful protest, the OPP unlawfully arrested at least five (5) Mohawk activists whose detention remains unknown. The said protest started on April 20 and continues to date. Despite the violence and the unlawful arrests, the Mohawk remains to stand their ground. They shall continue to assert their rights and defend their territory and life. The OPP responded with threats stating: “We’re coming in at dark to take you out!”

These developments are very alarming and signify the oppression and utter disregard of the Ontario provincial government on the rights of the Mohawk Nation to their territory and life. As fellow indigenous and oppressed peoples, the CPA stands firmly in solidarity with the Mohawk Nation. We shall stand the ground with our Mohawk brothers and sisters (Mohawk). The attack on the Mohawk people is an attack to the Cordillera peoples and indigenous peoples of the world. We call on all indigenous peoples, advocates and concerned organizations to support the legitimate struggle of the Mohawk people for their collective rights to their territory and self determination.

In solidarity with the Mohawk Nation, we call on the Ontario provincial government and the Canadian government to respect the rights of the Mohawk Nation to their territory and their right to self-determination. Stop the attacks against the Mohawk Nation! Uphold and respect the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples!

We further call on the said governments to surface the Mohawk activists arrested. We hold them accountable for any harm to their persons, to others who have been physically maltreated by the OPP and other Canadian State elements. We also hold the said government responsible for any harm to the safety and security of the Mohawks in the said territory.

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